Meet Chris Kopf


Customer service, hard work and attention to detail are the keys to Chris Kopf’s satisfied clients.

Years of experience in the technology industry have led Chris Kopf to believe that providing superior service is the most important element to pleasing clients, and to help them achieve their goals.

Chris has consistently been one of the top agents in Crested Butte. He has also earned numerous awards including Coldwell Banker Top 1% Agent in North America for 10+ years, #5 Agent in Colorado. Chris Kopf has routinely been among the Top Agents in the Crested Butte market and #1 Agent in Crested Butte.

Chris has also been designated as a Global Luxury Property Specialist by Coldwell Banker which are the top agents serving the luxury homes segment of the market.

Diligence and attention to detail are cornerstones of how Chris serves affluent second homeowner clients with their Crested Butte real estate needs. Chris understands the importance of customer service and works hard to earn and keep his client’s respect and trust.


Chris is a proud husband and father of three daughters. His wife Francene is from Tulsa, Oklahoma, but they met in Dallas when they were competing in tri-athalons, and were married in 1991.

Chris has successfully completed both the Texas Water Safari (260 mile canoe race) and the Elk Mountain Grand Traverse (40+ mile ski race from Crested Butte to Aspen that starts at midnight).

Chris has learned the value of preparation, endurance and execution in all that he does. Chris graduated from the Ohio State University with a Marketing degree, and lived in Dallas for 25 years before moving to Crested Butte full-time.

Chris has had a successful career in sales and sales management in numerous technology companies as well as a business owner in the real estate and advertising industries. Chris has negotiated thousands of complex transactions in his career, and will work hard to exceed your expectations.

How Can I Help You?

I caught this very rare Palamino Trout in the photo in the East River here in Crested Butte. Catching any trout in live water with a fly rod requires proper equipment, preparation, expertise, knowledge, skill, attention to detail and patience. I have never caught a fish when I wasn't fishing - pretty basic, but you have to have your line in the water...

Valuable lessons that I also apply in my real estate business and all that I do.

If you are ready to begin your search for your Crested Butte dream home, or you are considering selling - I would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business - and be your Crested Butte Real Estate Agent.

I Help Clients Successfully Buy or Sell Real Estate in Crested Butte

Most important is that I have helped over 350 satisfied clients to buy or sell real estate in the Crested Butte area. The majority of my clients are Crested Butte Second Homeowners. I have consistently been among the top real estate agents in Crested Butte, and among the top 1% of the 90,000+ Real Estate Agent in North America for Coldwell Banker.

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Is the Time Right For You?

I have one client that looked at homes in Crested Butte for over 5 years before they were ready to make a decision.

A very affluent client with a home valued at over $5M told me: "Thank you so much for helping us decide that we are not ready yet to sell our home..."

I am here when you are ready. I strive to serve every client based on their goals and timeline, provide superior service and exceed client expectations.

Maybe at this point you just want to get on the phone, or sit down for a cup of coffee and discuss your options... Perhaps you have made a decision and are ready to get started to buy a property in the Crested Butte area - or - sell the property you own.

I hope to help YOU understand the current Crested Butte Real Estate Market so you can make informed decision.

If you see a segment of the market that you would like additional help with understanding please contact me. Or if you desire a specific Property Valuation Report that I routinely prepare for my clients, please contact me.

Here Is

Chris Kopf's Story

Chris Ohio State Graduation.jpg

Graduated Ohio State University 

Timeline graphic-1.png

Chris & Francene Wedding

Timeline graphic-1.png

NetApp leadership group at Notre Dame Game with Tom Mendoza (Mendoza College of Business)

1996 - 2003
Top Performer - Sales & Sales Management for NetApp
Silicon Valley High Tech Company
3rd Tech Company I worked For (Lanier, MapInfo, NetApp)

Timeline graphic-1.png
family- 091.jpeg

Became Crested Butte Second Homeowners

Timeline graphic-1.png
Renew Vows.jpeg

Life and Marriage is not always easy,
and after a year of challenges Chris & Francene renew vows.
This was the motivation for me to start down a new career path as an entrepreneur,
 have more balance and get to spend more time with my family. 

Timeline graphic-1.png
2009 Family Crested Butte.jpg

June 19, 2009 Move From Dallas to Crested Butte House -
and start remodel project. 


Chris get's Real Estate License in Colorado - Starts with Coldwell Banker Bighorn Realty

Chris First Home Sale .jpg

Humble Beginning
Chris' First Home Sale: $65,000
A Remote Cabin
with No Indoor Plumbing

Timeline graphic-1.png

2013 - Chris is among Top 10 Agents in Crested Butte
2014 - Chris is #1 Agent in Crested Butte
and among the top 1% of all Coldwell Banker Agents in North America

Timeline graphic-1.png
2018 Global Luxury Conference_73.jpg
Kopf-2021 COMBO Award Image .jpg

Kopf  Has Ranked Among the 1%
of  all Coldwell Banker Agents in North America for 10+ Years.

Timeline graphic-1.png

But best of all - blessed to be a proud husband and father. My Why right here... 
That lad on the right is our new son-in-law Jeffrey Cramer who was wed to Shelby in 2021. 



#1 We are a diverse Community made up of many:  visitors, transient workers, permanent residents and awesome second homeowners.

#2 We are surrounded by 2 million square miles of wilderness: mountains, rivers, streams, lakes, reservoirs and wildlife - your next adventure is today! 

#3 We are lucky that Vail Resorts International is running our ski area because they are a world-class operator who strives to provide a reliable, safe and fun skiing experience.

#4 We have a ranching and mining heritage, and we get to be a part of "the last great Colorado ski town".

#5 There are people in the Gunnison Valley who commit a huge amount of time, effort and money to run, support, and volunteer in our many non-profits that give back so much to so many.

#6 The local business owners work hard to make a buck during peak seasons, and they provide quality products and services. 

#7 The Club at Crested Butte and the awesome Robert Trent Jones II golf course that challenges the best golfers. 

#8 The leadership in the towns and county who work for peanuts and spend hours trying their hardest to protect what we have, and plan for the future. We don't always agree on the decisions or policies - but we respect the time and effort. 

#9 The first responders - police, fire, ski patrol, EMTs, paramedics, search and rescue, and Gunnison Valley Health who are there for us 24x7. 

#10 The Crested Butte Community School administrators, teachers and parents who volunteer to help educate and launch our youth.  

BONUS: Two guys sit on a park bench on Elk Avenue in downtown Crested Butte... they don't talk about what they have - they talk about what the did today, and what they might do tomorrow. They talk about the awesome wildflowers, deep powder on Headwall, the great Nordic trails, the 20" rainbow trout that got away, the sunrise, the Alpenglow concert at the Center for the Arts on Monday...  They talk about how special this place is and how lucky we are to get to enjoy Crested Butte, and create a lifetime of memories with family and friends. 

What Is The Next Chapter
in Your Life?

Are You Considering BUYING? 


My brother Rick and I came to Crested Butte in 1999 for a 4 day ski trip to ski and "check-out" the real estate market... 

We went home and told our wives that we put an offer on a home in Mt. Crested Butte. We were second homeowners for 10 years prior to moving here full time. I took the low performing bond-fund wedge from my investment portfolio and turned it into a lifetime of memories for me, my family, friends and clients. 

I have helped many satisfied buyers to find and purchase their dream home here in the Crested Butte area. Start Living the Dream - and creating your lifetime of memories!

Are You Considering SELLING? 


I have been in your shoes as both a second homeowner for 10 years, and a permanent resident here in Crested Butte for over 12 years - and I have bought and sold multiple properties - and I have helped over 350 clients Buy and Sell real estate in the Crested Butte area.

If you are an existing property owner here in the Crested Butte area - you may be considering selling due to health reasons or financial changes. Many of my clients realize they are not spending as much time in Crested Butte in the Winter, and consider a second home in a warmer beach or desert climate, or closer to their kids / grandkids.

Take The Next Step...

I strive to help my clients to make informed decisions. I wrote two books - one for Buyers and one for Sellers. I will send you a FREE copy of my book (and other cool helpful bonuses just for you). See below and take the next step! 

Considering BUYING a Home in Crested Butte?

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