My wife Francene lived in Texas for 25 years and were Crested Butte Second Homeowners for 10 years. We moved to Crested Butte and have been full-time residents here since 2009. My brother & sister-in-law Rick & Ingrid, and Francene's brother Ed & sister-in-law Carrie are Crested Butte Second Homeowners.

We are all part of the Crested Butte community. I appreciate the tremendous value of the Crested Butte Second Homeowners who are a big part of the engine of the local economy, and who's benevolence has made big impacts in the community. A few examples:

  - The Adaptive Sports Center building
  - The Center for the Arts building - "92% of funding came from Crested Butte Second Homeowners"  - Jillian Liebl - Executive Director
  - The Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley

Crested Butte is a great Ski Resort Town that would not be what it is today - if not for the Second Homeowner community. 

I have many happy clients who were or are local owners, real estate investors, banks, and developers... but I have built my real estate business around understanding and providing superior service to the Crested Butte Second Homeowners. I work with couples that are committed to impacting their families through lifestyle choices.  I help them understand their goals, timelines and focus on what is most important. I help my clients to understand their options, and to make informed decisions.


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Crested Butte Second Homeowner are focused on freedom. 

We are bold enough to push the limits in order to create a better reality for our families.

We are not risk takers or speculators but rather we live by a core set of principles. We are the producer revolution.

We GET TO work remotely.

We want more than just money or a house in the mountains.

Money is our tool to Create a lifetime of awesome memories, and affords us the opportunity to give back and make an impact. 

Our Crested Butte Home is a vessel we fill with family, friends, get-togethers, dinners, parties, laughter and fun. Our home is where we plan for tomorrows adventures, and celebrate our special times together. 

We are committed to building a life that matters. A life driven by purpose. A life fueled by passion. We are committed to being part of the Crested Butte community - to be plugged-in. To give back with our time, skills, effort or money. We build lasting relationships and friendships. 

Have you ever heard the saying “money can buy you a lot of things … but it can’t buy you happiness”?

Creating the life of your dreams for you and your family takes hard work, sacrifice and planning …

Knowing what freedom means to you starts with asking yourself … "How can I spend more quality time with my family and friends...?"


Recognizing The Need for Connection

Chris Kopf became committed to connecting second homeowners together when he started as a real estate agent. 

Kopf has hosted events for Crested Butte Second Homeowners since 2009 - both in Dallas, TX and in Crested Butte, CO - bringing speakers to the Second Homeowners to discuss important topics affecting the CB community. 

In 2022 Kopf hosted The Crested Butte Summit event - An Evening of Gunnison Valley Non-Profit Awareness And Second-Homeowner Acknowledgement. There were six local non-profit leaders who all spoke on stage for 10 minutes about how they are making an impact in the community, because of the support from second-homeowners.

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